The logo, which is shown here, consists of two parts: the semi-circular outline and the inner, linear design. 

The inner design is not simply an abstract form, it is a genetic of the first ever to be produced. A genetic antenna is defined as an antenna designed by genetic algorithm without the benefit of a pre-existing design. Most antennas optimized with genetic algorithms (GAs) start from a standard design which is provided by an engineer, and the GA optimizes the parameters of the design. A genetic antenna begins with no such design information--the engineer only specifies certain constraints designated by convenience or requirements, along with the desired antenna properties, and lets the GA determine the required antenna.

The genetic antenna in the logo is a 7-segment wire antenna designed for satellite communications. This antenna, shown in the adjacent photograph, was designed for right-hand circular polarization and near-hemispherical coverage. Near-hemispherical coverage, meaning the antenna can "see" in all directions 10 degrees above the horizon,  allows for mobile satellite communications from the ground without having to aim the antenna. The circular polarization allows the signal to pass through the ionosphere with minimal distortion. 

The antenna was designed for 1600 MHz, which is near one of the GPS frequencies. It is robust, having approximately a 29% useable bandwidth (i.e., it is useable from about 1370 MHz to 1830 MHz). It is also robust enough to be built by hand, making it very inexpensive. This antenna has been built and tested, and it has excellent performance. 

The outline of the logo represents the near-hemispherical coverage of the antenna, and also symbolizes the dawn of the new field of automated design.

This design was chosen for the logo because it represented LIR's focus on and commitment to innovation: innovation which combines human creativity with the vast power of automated design and optimization to break the bonds of convention and produce results both outstanding and astonishing. 

Though LIR is no longer offering these services, this commitment continues with Dr. Linden's work at X5 Systems, Inc..